Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

Telehealth a critical component of coordinated care efforts

Target the Triple Aim of quality care, better outcomes and lowers costs.

The ultimate for ACOs is achieving the Triple Aim - improving outcomes and reducing costs while providing superior care.

With a telehealth solution from Bosch, you can:

• Improve population health, by monitoring remotely and taking action before patient conditions worsen.

• Improve the care experience, by teaching patient’s about their conditions and how to manage them.

• Save money, by reducing the rates of acute care hospital admissions and readmissions, through remote monitoring of patients at the greatest risk of being admitted to the hospital.

• In addition, Bosch telehealth solutions enables you to monitor a greater number of patients with the same or fewer clinicians and other caregivers.

Each Bosch telehealth solution features a powerful patient education tool that can improve care quality, with targeted patient education and health coaching. Through positive reinforcement and daily interaction, patients consistently report improved knowledge and understanding of their disease/condition, an improved willingness to take charge of their health and high satisfaction with the process.

Bosch telehealth solutions have helped providers successfully manage costs and improve quality of care for thousands of patients. Providers easily can monitor their telehealth patients, receiving alerts when vital signs or other set parameters are not in normal range. And patients have peace of mind that they are being well-cared for – even when a caregiver is not present.

We understand the complexities of patient selection and can help identify patients who would benefit most from your investment in telehealth. Bosch telehealth can help ACOs meet HEDIS and Star measurements while improving patient satisfaction.