Technology to manage health - at home

In-home device empowers patients to input vital signs and receive daily monitoring education.

Caring for chronic conditions is a costly concern for the nation’s caregivers. According to a report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, nearly one-half of Americans live with one or more chronic conditions. For patients with certain chronic health conditions or at risk for hospital readmission, Bosch telehealth systems can help clinicians remotely monitor vital signs to help keep patients out of the hospital.

Patient information is transmitted and then risked/color-coded (red/yellow/green) to help clinicians easily see deviations from evidence-based care parameters. Yellow or red conditions suggest a follow-up phone call or visit might be warranted.

While patients interact with the easy-to-use telehealth unit, they receive proactive health information and coaching based on their condition. Daily monitoring empowers patients to become involved in their own care and recognize the signs and symptoms of their conditions.

• Bosch’s Health Buddy System supports self-management for patients requiring long-term care coordination through comprehensive health management programs.

• Bosch’s T400 Telehealth System supports multiple daily transmissions of vital sign and symptom data to care providers for patients who require careful monitoring of compliance with care post-hospitalization.