Efficient healthcare for
patients, providers and payers

Knowledge and technology

Knowledge and technology

Bosch Healthcare applies its knowledge and technology to transform information into insight to ignite collaboration, leading to greater efficiency in healthcare management.


The Bosch telehealth systems gather vital signs information from patients’ home medical devices while simultaneously providing feedback and education about their chronic conditions and care.

Bosch telehealth systems help improve outcomes for patients with post-acute and chronic conditions by promoting self-management of health behaviors, and empowering and encouraging them to take accountability for their health, enabling patients to live healthier, more independent lives at home.


Thanks to the frequency and quality of data collected from patients, health professionals can see the condition of their patient population at a glance using color-coded risk stratification and trend reporting to streamline clinical workflow management and efficiently deliver an individualized plan of care.


Consistent monitoring and daily contact ensure that patients receive appropriate care needed to avoid emergency room visits and hospitalization, reducing the rate of readmissions and containing costs.