Bosch Healthcare Solutions

Innovative ideas for improved quality of life. With technology from Bosch.

Our vision, mission, and values

Our innovative products and services in the area of health and medical technology improve the quality of people’s lives and help to optimize the delivery of healthcare to people all over the world. Our logotype “Invented for life” stands for new solutions that perceptibly improve the world we live in.

Our high level of technological expertise makes us a preferred partner in the international marketplace. We build our products and services exclusively and consistently on the core competencies of the Bosch Group.

The motto „We are Bosch“ describes the way we think and act on a day-to-day basis.

Central research and advance engineering

Technology center with access to the entire know-how contained in the current and future Bosch product portfolio.

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Robert Bosch Hospital

Renowned partner for research, development, and testing of innovative healthcare solutions.

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Bosch BKK health and nursing care insurance

Health insurance fund with expertise in healthcare provides the capacity to validate innovative business ideas.

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