Hightech Components

With Bosch’s expertise in technical ceramics we want to take medical engineering to the next level – opening up totally new possibilities in the operating theater.

Bosch has been a specialist for high-quality customized solutions in technical ceramics for over 100 years. Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH transfers this expertise from the automotive sector to applications in medical engineering, thus taking it to a whole new level. 

We offer a number of processes for manufacturing ceramics products. Based on your requirements and our many years of experience, we select the most appropriate process together with you and obtain the best possible results – quality made in Germany.

High-performance ceramics in medical engineering

Let us accompany you from the development stage to series production and benefit from our expertise for your solutions in medical engineering – opening up totally new possibilities in the operating theater. With our partner CERIX, we manufacture technical ceramics as a sustainable product of the future, enabling us to significantly improve the characteristics of your products.


  • Optimized design and material for greater resistance to wear and improved durability
  • Integrated functions thanks to innovative materials technology for smart, multifunctional components
  • Greater design freedom thanks to additive manufacturing technologies in the highest quality