Laboratory Diagnostics

With Vivalytic, Bosch Healthcare Solutions develops a new all-in-one solution for molecular laboratory diagnostics - universal, intuitive, fast

In the area of laboratory diagnostics, Bosch Healthcare Solutions develops Vivalytic - a universal platform that can be used to conduct a number of tests in a fully automated fashion.



The device combines the broadest range of test options ever seen. A sample can be tested for one or more parameters at the same time.



The workflow from sample input to the test result is intuitive, quick and safe – thanks to automatic control of the functional elements on the disposable cartridge. The cartridge already contains all reagents required for a complete test run. 


Vivalytic was deliberately conceived as an open platform. Various test providers can and should benefit from our innovative business model as well as from Vivalytic’s research and development results to date.



Vivalytic Analyser

Vivalytic can be set up to save space, as it does not require any peripheral devices such as laptops, keyboards, barcode scanners or filling stations.

Vivalytic Cartridges

All the reagents that are required for a test are included on the cartridge. There are Vivalytic cartridges with six or nine liquid reagents. Both versions are compatible with all Vivalytic Analysers.

Vivalytic Tests

Vivalytic supports all common test procedures: end-point PCR, quantitative realtime PCR, melting curve analysis and microarray technology.