Bosch Healthcare Solutions

Martin Stockert

"If the YOU is important to the WE."

Progress means challenge. And if the working environment is right, then mastering challenges is fun. Taking Bosch forward in medical technology is challenging and that's why it's so attractive. This is the opinion of production planner Martin, who has made his personal interest his profession.


"What I particularly appreciate about my work is the direct contact with colleagues across several hierarchical levels and the trust that is already placed in young employees. Here you get the chance to realize yourself. At the age of 28, I am already helping to design a production facility for a new medical device... That is not a matter of course!"

What does a production planner do at Bosch Healthcare Solutions?

At Bosch Healthcare Solutions, Martin Stockert is responsible for the production line of the Vivalytic laboratory diagnostic device. What makes this production line so interesting? It's not just a completely new production line that he can help set up, but also the first own medical technology production facility at Bosch. He is responsible for everything that has to do with this product line - from coordination and product adaptation to optimization - all changes and innovations must be incorporated into production immediately. In a nutshell, it means realizing ideas for a marketable product and continuing them every day.

"I appreciate the open and respectful communication here very much. This makes it easy to examine issues from different perspectives across departments and tasks. In this way, valuable feedback is created that can flow into the development phase and thus lead to a better solution and a better product."

Martin's career path at Bosch began early: After a compulsory internship during his bachelor's studies, he wrote his thesis at Bosch Automotive Electronics. It quickly became clear to him that he wanted to continue his career within the Bosch Pre-Master Program. Two master's degrees (mechanical engineering and industrial engineering) and a successful application to Bosch Healthcare Solutions later, he is now an important part of the team as a production planner who wants to change medical technology in the near future.

Do you have a typical day?

Each day is individually designed, depending on tasks and deadlines. This starts with the selection of the desk because Martin can choose his workplace every day anew. This is where the concept of 'Inspiring Working Conditions' comes to life. A big advantage of the concept is that different teams communicate better and more often with each other - on a professional, but of course also on a personal level. This promotes reflection, empathy and the ability to change perspectives. Martin usually starts in the morning with a short meeting in production to discuss the most important topics of the day. If complications, comments or other topics arise, these can be addressed in the course of the day in the team. At Bosch Healthcare Solutions, "You have to" is replaced by "How would you solve this" - so every associate can contribute his or her full potential.

"It never gets boring! Even if I don't know exactly what the day will bring in the morning, I feel I'm in good hands."

Is there an ideal colleague for you?

In his opinion, anyone who wants to get off to a successful start at Bosch Healthcare Solutions should have three important prerequisites: Courage to be creative, the will to implement ideas, and the bite to keep up with the ongoing development of your work. This requires perseverance, but also the energy to drive ideas forward under one's own direction.

Appreciation and self-realization are part of everyday life, especially in a young company, and are part of the work concept. Whether you are a doer, planner, communicator or inventor, everyone is welcome!

"Live and let live. It is precisely the harmonious interplay of differences that makes up our team dynamics."

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