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Lisa Verba

"I'm getting a great look at what's going on and the world of work."

Only those who show courage will gain new insights. When Lisa Marie Verba, a master's student at Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences, wrote her thesis at Bosch Healthcare Solutions, she was surprised that there can also be a start-up mentality within an international corporation.

Lisa Verba

"In my studies the area of project management, which was the core of my thesis, was rather less pronounced. But it was here that I wanted to expand my experience."

Lisa Marie wrote her thesis at Bosch Healthcare Solutions as part of her master's degree in Technical Physician. The topic of her thesis was process optimization in project management in the medical technology environment. She is currently doing her Master of Science at Furtwangen University.

What does a production planner do at Bosch Healthcare Solutions?

As part of my final thesis, I dealt with the topic "Process optimization of project management in the medical technology environment". The aim was to conduct a survey in a company and identify potential for improvement. At Bosch Healthcare Solutions, my main task was to take a close look at project management and discuss processes with various people responsible, i.e. product field managers, project managers and the management. I then evaluated individual processes and process steps.

"What I find special about it is the great transparency. I get a great insight into current events and the world of work."

Do you have a typical day?

Typical, I would say, is the totally likeable working environment at Bosch Healthcare Solutions - every morning. What was new to me was the concept of "Inspiring Working Conditions," i.e. a workplace that changes daily. After I've found my place, I start the day. What I appreciate is the great exchange among each other and the small encounters, whether over a cup of coffee in the lounge, while fetching water or while eating.

"There is a lot of exchange between the different places. Even as a Master's student, you can get in touch with everyone immediately."

What characteristics should the ideal colleague have?

Anyone who appreciates a young team, great curiosity and openness with a touch of "start-up feeling" will quickly feel at home here. An employee who likes to show initiative and has the will to tackle things would - I think - fit in well.

"You find very good working conditions. The still young team is very helpful, you quickly learn how to deal with the challenges, how to spin the red thread or how to structure yourself better".

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