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Vivatmo me + pro – the innovative system of breath analysis devices with the world’s first measuring device for home use accurately measures the inflammation values of allergic asthma patients. Vivatmo makes life easier for patients and more efficient for doctors.

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Vivatar enables your friends to accompany you wherever you are and be your guardian angel. The integrated chat function and location transmission via GPS allow users to stay in contact – as if you were together rather than alone. Like this, you can take your friends mountaineering with you or send your loved ones back home a reassuring message. The integrated Premium Service offers professional help round the clock and organizes a rescue service in an emergency.

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Hightech Components

With Bosch’s expertise in technical ceramics we want to take medical engineering to the next level – opening up totally new possibilities in the operating theater. Bosch has been a specialist for high-quality customized solutions in technical ceramics for over 100 years. Based on your requirements and our many years of experience, we select the most appropriate process together with you and obtain the best possible results – quality made in Germany.

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