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BHCS receives EN ISO 13485 Certification

BHCS is a ISO EN 13485 certified company. This harmonized standard for quality management systems in medical technology contains regulatory requirements for manufacturers developing medical products, ensuring implementation and maintaining management...

Vivatmo system wins Red Dot also in 2017

The Red Dot jury has reached its decision: After several days of assessing thousands of products from all over the world, the Bosch Vivatmo System received the distinction “Red Dot”. After winning the design concept award in 2016 this is already the...

It is inherent to the nature of medicine that its greatest concern is to cure the suffering and, where this is not possible, to alleviate their pain.

Robert Bosch

Our business fields

Therapy management

Exhaled breath analysis for a more relaxed life

Our Vivatmo breath analysis devices are designed to alleviate the fears of young and older asthma patients and help them feel more confident – for a life without dyspnea.

Connected Life

Connected solutions for more confidence

With innovative applications such as Vivatar, a virtual buddy app, we provide a personal guardian angel to give you more confidence in all of life’s adventures.

Hightech Components

High-performance ceramics for new advances in medical technology

With Bosch’s expertise in technical ceramics we want to take medical engineering to the next level – opening up totally new possibilities in the operating theater.

Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH translates this expertise from the automotive sector into innovative medical engineering applications.

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At Bosch Healthcare Solutions, we translate our core competencies into innovative products. Our goal is to actively shape the digital future in the area of health and safety.

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