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Bosch Healthcare Solutions

Career Story: Florian Mirschinka

Development Engineer at Bosch Healthcare Solutions (BHCS)

Florian Mirschinka is a development engineer at Bosch Healthcare Solutions (BHCS).

Working at Bosch Healthcare Solutions means actively contributing to innovative diagnostic solutions. And with that, improving people’s quality of life. Florian works daily toward the goal of optimizing asthma management and giving patients more confidence in everyday life. He tells us how he and his team pursue this vision.

From Automotive to Medical Technology

Florian works in development in the field of our Vivatmo asthma measurement device. His focus is on high-precision measurement technology that measures billionths of a part of nitric oxide in the exhaled breath.

Florian joined Bosch as a student – he wrote his master’s thesis in the Automotive segment and then went on to earn his doctorate. “During my doctorate, I got to spend three years doing something that didn’t feel like work to me,” he says, eyes shining. At the end of 2021, he moved internally from the Automotive division to Medical Technology. “The job description matched my profile perfectly. At BHCS, I can apply my methodological knowledge gained during my doctorate in a new area of specialization.”

Florian’s expertise is not only in demand in Bosch’s traditional business areas, but also in dynamic future fields. “Medical technology is still a relatively new sector for Bosch. As a young engineer, I can make a difference here quickly and contribute directly to the company’s success.”

Vivatmo in use at the pulmonologist's practice
The Vivatmo system allows physicians and patients to monitor the level of inflammation in the airways.

We are in medical technology here. With the products we develop, we can help people directly. For me, the question of whether it is meaningful doesn’t even arise.

Florian, development engineer at Bosch Healthcare Solutions (BHCS)

Different perspectives for a common goal

Everyone contributes in their own way

A team from BHCS at a stand-up meeting
A team from BHCS at a stand-up meeting

Florian’s team is made up of scientists and engineers from a wide variety of technical backgrounds. “Each team member brings different perspectives from the ground up and develops different approaches to solving a problem.” Florian sees individual strengths in each person that collectively contribute to the team’s success. “For example, we have creative minds that bubble with ideas and come up with multiple solutions to a problem at once. Others are better at fleshing out and structuring the proposals in order to take the topics forward. We work closely together in our team. For us it’s natural to share knowledge and make progress together.

When the office wins out over home working

Florian usually spends his working day at the new office in Waiblingen

Although BHCS has a very flexible policy on working from home, Florian often prefers the office. He loves brainstorming on knotty tasks with the others in the test lab. For him, being on-site has many advantages: “Interpersonal communication is much easier when you talk directly to each other. We can exchange ideas and solutions in a relaxed atmosphere – and it’s not always limited to work topics either.” The office is perfectly equipped for agile and hybrid working, with a workplace concept that includes desk sharing, large meeting rooms, small focus rooms and phone booths, a silent room and project area. One major draw is the coffee lounge with its views over Stuttgart and the vineyards.

The BHCS coffee lounge with view of Stuttgart and vineyards
The BHCS coffee lounge with view of Stuttgart and vineyards

Professional skills are just one aspect

What qualities do applicants need if they want to become part of the BHCS engineering team?

In addition to professional qualifications, Florian believes decisiveness and flexibility are particularly important. “We have many topics in the pipeline and operate in a dynamic environment. The prioritization of topics can change quickly, so you should be able to react flexibly and not be afraid to make decisions.”

Your contact to BHCS

Do you have questions about a position or are you interested in BHCS as an employer? Feel free to contact our HR department. We look forward to your call.